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Fall Shopping? Yes Please!!!

I have a slight obsession with Kate Spade website here. One of the few design houses who I feel can do no wrong. Perhaps it is my seriously ridiculous infatuation with stripes, or similarly ridiculous love of color, but to me it doesn’t matter if it is shoes, jewelry, or simply the design of the store, I love it all. They also partner with one of my favorite organizations, Women for Women International. Okay, enough of my love affair. How happy was I this morning to wake up to not only a tweet of their new handbags, but a blog update as well! I guess that means it is time to shop!


It is hard to believe that I need to really get my fall gear in order as the south is still engulfed in 90+ degree heat; however, it is the middle of September so cooler weather is just around the corner! And so my shopping must begin (oh darn;)) And what says fall better than a chic new bag! Check out the Kate Spade’s new Kennedy Bag. Using the super hot trend of color blocking they have created a fantastic and versatile piece while maintaining the touch of fun I love so much!

Another great addition this fall is their Watercolor Rose Lauren Trench (above.) I love a great trench coat anyhow, but this beautiful trench combines sophistication and style with just the right touch of sass!
And of course, along with fall weather comes the opportunity for one of my favorite topics: shoes.J While I absolutely love all of their heels, there has recently been some debate as to whether or not one should wear tights with open-toed shoes, I am going to the rare thing, bite my tongue and instead focus on another fall/winter staple. Born in Colorado, I am definitely a boot girl, but with a little more style these days! Whether you like a bootie or a heel, traditional or embellished, Kate has a great selection! My favorite right now is the Keane, but I will likely pick up a pair of the heeled Randi Too rain boots as it is hurricane season for just a bit longer.

Happy Shopping Ladies!


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Summer Dress

Summer, summer what to wear? Something flirty and fun and as I have said before semi-age appropriate. Ugh, I know but come on, do you really want to look like “one of those women” who are trying to hard to desperately hang on to their youth? Moving on 🙂

I found this site called YOOX.COM and found a really cute summer dress. Perfect for a day out with the friends shopping or lunch. I think the color would be great on any skin tone and especially skin with a little tan 🙂

Not sure I like the shoes they have on this model. I personally would go with a higher heel and a very nude color with a little sparkle of some sort. Make your legs look longer! I am short so I need all the help I can get.

Shop around on this site. They have some really cute and sassy items.

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