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Back To School After The Holidays

So, the holidays are over and school starts back tomorrow.  I have to say, having school start back on the Tuesday after, rather than the Monday, really slows down my enthusiasm to jump back into the routine!  HAHAHA!  Nonetheless, I’ve been researching planners for better time management in 2015, making some goals and am eager to get this party started!

Here are some noteworthy free downloadable planners:


free planner and calendar + more {2015}


and these are just a few I’ve found!  putting together my own Life Planner binder now!  Will write more soon!  I’ll share my journey of planning, goal setting and figuring out “what I want to be when I grow up” as soon as I have some structure and have learned some new “stuff.”  (giggles)

Until next time,



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