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Bio-Oil-Oh my Godsend!

Seriously how many scar/stretch mark/skin anti-aging products are there out there? You could spend thousands trying out the latest and greatest. And many (including myself) have done just that! Now, aging for me is not a super huge issue yet, but I am obsessive about being as preventative as possible! And not that any of us have stretchmarks or anything to worry about (ahem) but I am sure we each have a scar or two that we wouldn’t mind eliminating! Especially Grace (moi) here who finds a new bruise or cut every other day! Unfortunately, my poor love muffins have inherited their mama’s coordination (as you have likely witnessed if you have read any of my previous posts!), so we have a whole houseful of scars.

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Anyhow….back to the task at hand….my eldest child, up until recently, had the mother of all scars. Two years ago my now 13 year old had a nasty accident. You know, one of those, “I told you so” moments only you don’t tell them so because they actually got hurt? In an effort to reach something in her closet, she climbed up on her cheapy particle board shoe cube. Needless to say, they collapsed and on her way down, left a nasty cut up the length of her thigh. It was shallow and wide that stitches would not help so we were left with a huge ugly scar. We were told that we would likely need to just have some cosmetic surgery when she got a little older to fix it. Awesome.

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Fast forward 24 months. My daughter went to visit her father in Colorado and began telling me about this amazing stuff he bought for her to use on her scar. Honestly, I didn’t believe her (well, to the degree that it was working.) We had tried nearly every super expensive scar cream on the market to no avail so how in the world would some crap from Walmart do any better? I should’ve known as soon as I had gotten up on my high horse (which I do from time to time;) ). When I picked her up after her vaca, I was shocked. The scar was nearly gone. The bottle says that you need to use it for at least 3 mos two times a day. She did a fraction of that and received amazing results. I know I know, I sound like an infomercial, but unfortunately they aren’t paying for this review! I have to share it though because it is the most obscure product and I definitely wouldn’t have picked it up myself. Now, I didn’t have the wherewithal to take a before picture of her scar, but I do have a halfway through picture so you can sorta see what I am talking about For $11 you bet your tail I am going to get a bought bottle for myself and have started to use it to to attack my “aging” or otherwise imperfect skinJ.

Two weeks in and I have noticed my feet, elbows and legs feel A-M-A-Zing…BUT I do want to give you a few disclaimers. I have suuuppper sensitive skin. Some reviews of Bio-Oil indicate it has caused people to break out. When I used too much, my face did break out, but no other area of my body did. I would HIGHLY recommend testing it on a small area of your skin before you use at all-and check the ingredients for any allergens you may have! Dab a very small amount on problem areas. It IS an oil-based product so you do NOT want to cover your face with it. And a little goes a long way. If you use too much, it will be greasy (duh.) Also-make sure you read the bottles instructions and recommendations (will get slippery in the shower etc., all liabilities and warnings etc.). And finally-I was able to find mine at Walgreens but it is available online and at Walmart as well. Good luck and here’s to smooth skin!

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Fall Shopping? Yes Please!!!

I have a slight obsession with Kate Spade website here. One of the few design houses who I feel can do no wrong. Perhaps it is my seriously ridiculous infatuation with stripes, or similarly ridiculous love of color, but to me it doesn’t matter if it is shoes, jewelry, or simply the design of the store, I love it all. They also partner with one of my favorite organizations, Women for Women International. Okay, enough of my love affair. How happy was I this morning to wake up to not only a tweet of their new handbags, but a blog update as well! I guess that means it is time to shop!


It is hard to believe that I need to really get my fall gear in order as the south is still engulfed in 90+ degree heat; however, it is the middle of September so cooler weather is just around the corner! And so my shopping must begin (oh darn;)) And what says fall better than a chic new bag! Check out the Kate Spade’s new Kennedy Bag. Using the super hot trend of color blocking they have created a fantastic and versatile piece while maintaining the touch of fun I love so much!

Another great addition this fall is their Watercolor Rose Lauren Trench (above.) I love a great trench coat anyhow, but this beautiful trench combines sophistication and style with just the right touch of sass!
And of course, along with fall weather comes the opportunity for one of my favorite topics: shoes.J While I absolutely love all of their heels, there has recently been some debate as to whether or not one should wear tights with open-toed shoes, I am going to the rare thing, bite my tongue and instead focus on another fall/winter staple. Born in Colorado, I am definitely a boot girl, but with a little more style these days! Whether you like a bootie or a heel, traditional or embellished, Kate has a great selection! My favorite right now is the Keane, but I will likely pick up a pair of the heeled Randi Too rain boots as it is hurricane season for just a bit longer.

Happy Shopping Ladies!


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WHHYYY do they NOT believe me?


They believe me when I told them Santa put those gifts under the tree-despite the fact that I am generally a ragged mess with tape and tinsel in my hair Christmas morning. They also believe me when I tell them that the Tooth Fairy sprained her wing and would make it up to them “tomorrow night.” They also know that I am an educated woman. They come to me for help with their “super hard” homework problems and vocabulary words. They come to me whenever something needs fixed or they need help deciding what to get their dad or other family members gifts. But do they listen when I specifically tell them NOT to do something and the potential consequences of not listening to me?
Yes folks, it was another “I told you so” moment in the Leximom’s home this afternoon. After specifically telling my oldest yard monkey not to bring her brand new iTouch 4 (that her FATHER bought her for her 13th birthday) to our friends POOL this afternoon, what does she do? Now, I didn’t only tell her it could get wet, and that she wouldn’t have time to listen to it anyway, AND I really didn’t want her using her $250.00 iTouch outside of the house until I picked up her case (which incidentally I was planning on picking up tomorrow.) Guess who sneaks it along anyway? And guess what happened.
While her new toy managed to not get wet (as it sat on the table unused) the day did not end without incident. As she was showing off her new toy to our friend’s younger girls, little yard monkey brother hit her hand, hand dropped the iTouch, iTouch hit the drive, and the brand new screen shattered. Yep, completely shattered. Hysterics from teenage yard monkey, tears from little yard monkey, and littlest yard monkey hid in the back seat. Awesome. At this point my sympathy was non-existent. And she knew it. She knew she had messed up, and even though little brother shared in the blame, she knew she could not take it out completely on him. So we will cross our fingers as I head to the Apple store tomorrow and hope that it costs less than either my arm or leg to fix the screen. I guess this is a too be continued…Sigh…
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Summer Dress

Summer, summer what to wear? Something flirty and fun and as I have said before semi-age appropriate. Ugh, I know but come on, do you really want to look like “one of those women” who are trying to hard to desperately hang on to their youth? Moving on 🙂

I found this site called YOOX.COM and found a really cute summer dress. Perfect for a day out with the friends shopping or lunch. I think the color would be great on any skin tone and especially skin with a little tan 🙂

Not sure I like the shoes they have on this model. I personally would go with a higher heel and a very nude color with a little sparkle of some sort. Make your legs look longer! I am short so I need all the help I can get.

Shop around on this site. They have some really cute and sassy items.

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Dior, make me look younger!

So I recently went to the mall in a mad rage to find the latest and greatest products to make me look younger. I have been feeling REALLY old and slumpish (believe me it is not pretty).

Went strolling into Macy’s, that is about the most luxurious store that I am closest to right now, and this lady with big ol’ black and purple eyes, black roots and what should be blonde hair grabs me and says “do you have time for a make over”? I look at her like, do bears sh** in the woods? Seriously I had no kids with me and HELL YA I have time for a make over. The question is do YOU have time to make ME over?!

Well she begins to tell me lets just do your eyes and see what we can do. I then tell her you just better do the whole face cause I am not walking around looking like I just got tossed out of a car after a hard night of partying. So off all my make up goes and away she begins.

To make a long story short I looked “better” but the tone of my make-up was WAY off. Ya know how in high school you would see girls with that line around their chin, they looked like The Mask only brown/orange instead of green, well that was me. But, to her defense the cremes she used were fab and the best part is she made my under eye look AMAZING!!!! I seriously wanted to kiss her, but didn’t! She was wearing so much make-up I was afraid of getting toxic poisoning from her if I came into contact with her. Ok, I am being a little harsh on the make-up lady. She was seriously the nicest make-up lady.

Ok, back to the EYES! I looked 5 years younger. It was all because of the under eye creme and a magic concealer pen. These two products now live amongst the greats in my make-up zoo. Let me tell you what I bought:



SkinFlash Radiance Booster Pen. LLLLAAAAA, did you hear the angels sing? You will when you put this on.

But you have to put the eye cream on first or else you will have a big dang mess of crap hangin on your wrinkles under your eyes.

So put this eye creme on first, your eyes will thank you! Hydra Life Sorbet Eye Creme.

You now have been exposed to one of my shopping trips. Try these products out, tell me what you think. The eye cream, of course, will take about 4-6 weeks before you start seeing a huge difference. I assure you using this cream and then the Booster Pen will make you feel and look amazing!

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Bring on spring!

Who is ready for spring? Some of you may already be enjoying spring! I was chatting with “I’m lounging by my pool” Stacy the other day and was very JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!! Love you girl, just don’t love you sitting by the pool when I am wading through rain puddles over here in the Pacific Northwest, HATE IT!!

Anyways, back to something fashionable for spring/summer. Wes Gordon is a new designer who just released his first collection and for the life of me I can not find where to buy his clothing. I have read his line is at Saks and at Nordstroms but when I go to either site I can not find his clothing. FruStrAtInG!

So here is a little eye candy from his Spring 2011 collection. If my thighs did not look like they have been blown up with a hot air machine then I would so wear this with SOOOO much attitude. But my thunder thighs will have to stay hidden.

I hope you enjoy and good luck finding this outfit online. If anyone finds it, PLEASE post a comment. Maybe… day….. my thunder thighs will go away (with the help of Zerona)  🙂

Army Stretch Cotton Double Breasted Vest
White Stretch Cotton Mesh Flare Tennis Dress


<img src="http://1 agile” alt=”” border=”0″ />



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FREE Gift From Macy’s

I’m in heaven, I’m in heaven! Can you hear the song? Well let me tell you why I am singing and so happy. It is gift time from Clinique at Macy’s! There are only a few skin care lines I will rave about and Clinique is one of them, love, love these products. I always have at least one product from their skin care line and love their Almost Make-Up foundation.

So needless to say I am in heaven! Free stuff when you buy something you already buy, OH-MY-GOSH, can’t stand it. LOL, I sound like a childish little girl but not much is free these days 🙂

So I urge you to try their Zero Gravity Repairwear Lift Firming Cream, it has retinol in it so it will help with those tiny lines and bring some life back into your skin, only wear at night  because the retinol reacts to sunlight and can cause dark spots. Besides these types of creams are best for your sleeping skin. Your skin actually soaks up the moisturizers best at night time what are agile processes.

So there you have it! A little advice and some encouragement to try Clinique. Let Metro-Mama know what your favorite skin care products are, share some of your secrets.

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Style of the Day

So I am strolling around some websites and ran across <a href=",,,00 what is the agile methodology.html”>InStyle’s Look of the Day. They are featuring Eva Longoria in a Reem Acra dress headed off to celebrate her birthday. Ok, seriously look at those Ta-Ta’s can we say fake!

I could not resist adding in a few arrows just in case you could not see those smooshed fun bags, lol. I am all for showing it if you got it but I also believe in semi-age appropriate dresses. I wonder how she sits? If I put this dress on there would be junk fallin’ out of my trunk!!

Anyways enough sassin’. The dress is actually cute and she does look very beautiful AND what better time to look young and amazing than on your birthday. So over all I give her a thumbs up for looking so great!Roblox HackBigo Live Beans HackYUGIOH DUEL LINKS HACKPokemon Duel HackRoblox HackPixel Gun 3d HackGrowtopia HackClash Royale Hackmy cafe recipes stories hackMobile Legends HackMobile Strike Hack

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Oh MY, I am in heaven

Alright all you hot mommas, or those who want to be hot mommas I have got some news for you. I am stinkin excited to have found this and it is silly really because you can find ANYTHING on the internet but this is so fab!

If you don’t watch American Idol then you have been missing out on how AMAZING Jennifer Lopez looks. I know what your saying, “if I had that much money I would look that good too”. Trust me I say it all the time. Well now is your chance to have what she has to look more than fabulous. I found her make-up artist. This may be old news to some but new news to me. Lovin’ it.

Scott Barnes has been Jennifer Lopez’ make-up artist for quite some time. She is on the cover of one of his books. And not to mention he is super sexy! Y-U-M-M-Y!

Look at what this man creates, seriously I would sell my soul to look this beautiful (not really, just a joke)!

You can find a store here to buy his products and darn the luck there is not one in my area 🙁

So happy shopping ladies, get dewey, get beautiful and do it like the pros!

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