Finnegin begin again!

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Well folks, it’s been waaaaaay too long since I posted on this blog, let alone took the time to think about it’s development.  So, here I go.  I’m going to start fresh, begin anew!  I LOVE new beginnings!  They feel like they are SO filled with hope that I can’t help myself but to let a little spark of excitement grow!!

So, recently I’ve started posting on Metro-Mama’s Facebook page, to open my mind to the possibilities of developing this blog into something special.  I’m not quite sure, yet, exactly what that “something special” is.  And, what’s funny, is I’m such a worry-wart, I’ve procrastinated, put off writing and development because I felt I needed to know what that “something special” is to have an end-goal.  I know logically there is no such thing as an “end-goal” in life because life is the journey.  I suppose it’s taken some time for me to accept that in my heart so I can have the strength and/or courage to “put the pen to paper.”  Ok, ok, so it’s a new age and it’s more accurate to say “put my fingers on the keyboard?”  That sounds goofy!  HAHAHA!

So, for those who are new to me and Metro-Mama, you’ll learn, I’m silly and love to laugh and crack myself up and make myself laugh!  AND, SQUIRREL… I have a limited attention span.  Not saying I’m ADD, because I’m not. I have the ability and proven skills in focus. However, where is the fun in that?  (giggles!!)  Type-A is definitely my type, but, I’ve trained myself to learn the pros of the Type-B ways…afterall, there are pros and cons to both, right?  Why not take a load off and do something unplanned, unorganized and without reason?!  So yes, occasionally, well truthfully more often than not, in the last few years, I’ve let myself explore the tangents I veer off onto. (and again, yah yah yah, bad grammar ending the sentence in the word onto).

Here’s to a new beginning with some interesting, fun and educational tangents!  (giggles)

Metro-mama is a new mom blog by Stacy Lupcho, MetroSpunkyMom


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