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Moments of Clarity

So, truth be told, I am in the middle of one of life’s trying times. We all go through them, right? Some last longer than others. Some worse than others agile project method. So, how do we deal? I look around and see so many of my peers struggling with one thing or another. I see us all dealing in different ways, some healthy, some not so much. And then, that too becomes a struggle in and of itself. Once we are middle aged, married, have children and careers, the struggle is REAL people!
So, what’s my point to stating the obvious? I’m sure you’ve already made all the same observations. And you may think I’m resembling Rainman with my need to state the obvious and then repeat things, but, I have a point. I promise!
In a moment of clarity today, I realized I was worrying so much about developing the blog and having a plan for it’s direction that, I haven’t even really re-started it. Sure, I posted that I was going to start. Then I posted a couple more times but a month apart. I was letting my worrying control me as I usually do. So then it HIT ME! I should be writing about all this worrying and my entire process to get to this point! because IT IS THE BLOG!
Metro-Mama, a state of mind, not location. Right? Right. Wow! Let me sarcastically point out that I may be a genius here, NOT! When I first came up with the blog and the title several years ago, I was focused so much on the location part of it, that until now, I’m just realizing (refer back to sarcastic statement about my smarts) there are so many different avenues I can take with the state of mind part of it!
I know, just smile and nod. I’m slow sometimes! OR, PERHAPS, focused on so many other things in my circus of a life that I had not given it, it’s due time for thoughtful reflection. Mind blowing isn’t it? Right in front of me the whole time! Haha! (I hope you’re laughing with me, and not at me. But honestly I wouldn’t blame you. I laugh AT myself all the time!)
So, without further adieu, I will let you in on a passion of mine: mental health. While I am not a therapist, or licensed in any way in this area, I am an avid observer of people. People watching is my favorite form of entertainment. It’s one of America’s most beloved pastimes that no one considers a pastime! And, the more I write, the more you’ll see that I have a clear addiction to analyzing everything. As well as other addictions or struggles (enter control freakish-ness stage left). And, I am a self-proclaimed bookworm. Yep, I’m a nerd people! That’s ok! I’m ok with that! Nerds can be sexy too! (Giggles).
Anyhow, stay tuned. Until next time!
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Started a new opportunity!!

I’ve recommitted to living healthy! Yes, I’ve slacked off terribly in recent years and gone for the convenience and comfort food leaving no thought to my health. Shame on me. Truth be told though, I was going through a divorce and all the transition that goes with it. I’m happy to say I’m feeling stable in my “new life” and SO happy to be taking a leap of faith with this opportunity.

See, this isn’t just an opportunity for better health, it’s an opportunity for wealth too. I know, I know, it sounds too good to be true. Well, I’m here to tell you it’s not! I’m not saying I’ve won the lottery or someone is giving handouts. Nope, (SMH with a smile) it will require time, energy, discipline and some hard work. But, I can do it!

So, at this point you’re probably guessing it’s an MLM/Network Marketing company that specializes in health and wellness products. Why YES IT IS! You are SO SMART! (giggles!) Seriously though, it’s a newer one, Plexus Worldwide. Let me tell you why I’m SO pumped about this. I was first introduced to MLM or for newbies, Multi-Level Marketing as a business structure a LOT of years ago. Afraid it will date me, I won’t share the company name, the year or my age at the time. HA! And, while I believed wholeheartedly in the business structure or model, if you will, the products and the compensation weren’t right for me. Fast forward a few years. I was introduced and fell in love with another MLM health and wellness company. I was working hard at my 9-5 job and then on evenings, weekends, breaks, lunch hours and even during the commute to and from work I was working that biz. Frankly, I was ROCKING it. However, I had not totally grasped the beauty of the MLM! I was rocking the retail sales part of it. AND, not to mention, working myself into burnout because I was working way too hard and long. I had to make some changes. So, I stuck with that company as a loyal repeat customer for YEARS. I was introduced and tried another couple health and wellness company’s products. Frankly, all are well and good. Most that I know of ARE quality product and that’s why they stay in business for so many years. But, I always went back to the first company’s products.

Enter Plexus.

I first heard about Plexus Slim from a friend in my dance class who’d NOTICEBLY shed not just pounds but some serious inches! She shared her secret. She was drinking the Slim “pink drink” every day and overhauling her eating habits. She gave me some to try and great, yay, it tasted great! Because she was only buying for wholesale, I didn’t really get too much information from her. I had mentioned it to some friends. One of which promptly shared her research she’d found, all negative of course. So I put it out of my mind. A few months later another friend starts posting about it on Facebook. She was sharing her story of how it helped her lose her stubborn baby weight after her second. Her husband had also lost weight and had success with a lot of health issues. The funny thing is, she kept posting about it. And posting articles that educated me about “gut health.” Of which, I’d not read up on. Now, way, WAY back, errr, uh, I MEAN, not too long ago…I majored in Athletic Training in College. LOL! So I’d had all those courses with the nursing majors like Biological Nutrition that broke down every. last. detail. of the chemistry and human biology involved in the entire. digestive. and. nourishment. process. Ok, so clearly it wasn’t my favorite class. And, honestly, it was VERY informative. It was the teacher’s monotone lectures that really turned me off. Anyway, I digress. TANGEANT!!

So, my friend posted about Plexus Worldwide, it’s benefits, how it’s helped her and her husband’s many health issues and energy levels as well as helped them lose weight and inches. So, it only took a couple months for me to jump on the bandwagon. I contacted her and after getting a little bit of info, I ordered as a Preferred Customer. WOW! I could tell a difference IMMEDIATELY! THE FIRST DAY! You see, I have low blood sugar. It’s not low enough to be labeled or diagnosed hypoglycemic, but, it stays steady on the lowest end of the healthy scale. This means its VERY likely that it dips BELOW the lowest point on the scale on ANY given day, or more than once a day. This becomes a challenge. Much like a diabetic, my Doctor has advised me to steer clear of carbs and stay consistent with lean protein and vegetables every two hours to help prevent those dips in my blood sugar. Of course being the rebel that I am, I was not sticking to that regimen in the last two years. So, this is how it was SUCH AN IMMEDIATE DIFFERENCE in my energy, mental clarity, mood and appetite. So, I kept drinking it. This was all towards the end of last summer/beginning last school year. I was not very concerned with taking the Biocleanse I had ordered. That was hit or miss. But, because of all the posts from my friend about gut health and the digestive tract, I was taking my probiotic. Granted, my probiotic at the time was from *another* company. BUT, I promised myself and my friend I would consistently take it and once I ran out, I’d purchase the Plexus ProBio5.

Anyhow, through the first couple of weeks I didn’t measure. But I lost 2 lbs the first week to 10 days. WHOOP! YES! I broke through the frustrating plateau I was stuck on in terms of weight. That motivation along with how incredibly amazingly it helped balance my blood sugar which in turn gave me more level, sustained, all-day energy, more stable upbeat mood, I continued. Over the course of the next six weeks I lost another few lbs (let’s call them L.B.’s because a friend of mine does and it makes me laugh) to break my lowest weight in A DECADE, since I’d gotten pregnant with my first daughter!!  Although I don’t know exactly how many inches because I didn’t measure, my clothes were fitting better or more loose. I’d definitely gone down a full size if not a size and a half.

Well, I’m sad to say, at that point I suffered a debilitating knee “injury.” After going through surgery, I regret that I didn’t know all the health benefits OR the pain and discomfort assisting products from Plexus either. So, during the months of my physical rehab and recovery, I was not drinking my slim or any other supplements. I slipped into a depression. And, my anxiety was through the roof. I was scared, y’all. I mean, really scared. I’d been working part-time at a couple different jobs and facing a future that didn’t have financial stability guaranteed. I came off of my divorce just a few months earlier spoiled. No, let’s rephrase that, SPOILED. Now, I know. I’ve lived through all sorts of circumstances in my life and definitely knew the value of a dollar. I KNEW in my head how good I’d had it. I knew in my heart how good I’d had it. I was GRATEFUL. Trust me, I didn’t squander my blessings on too many frivolous things. Don’t get me wrong, I DID splurge and have SOME fun and frivolous stuff in my life. But, on a day to day basis, I was still living on a budget, minding my P’s and Q’s to allow my ex-husband to be in charge financially because I trusted him. I STILL trust him. He’s AMAZING in that department. Anywhooooo, I went through my divorce not accounting for physical challenges. I was taking for granted my health and well being on all levels. I fully admit, in that department I had really lost my grip with reality. I wouldn’t say I thought I was invincible by any stretch of the imagination, I just wasn’t fully grasping the stark reality of having no safety net should my health go south.

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Hello world!

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Back To School After The Holidays

So, the holidays are over and school starts back tomorrow.  I have to say, having school start back on the Tuesday after, rather than the Monday, really slows down my enthusiasm to jump back into the routine!  HAHAHA!  Nonetheless, I’ve been researching planners for better time management in 2015, making some goals and am eager to get this party started!

Here are some noteworthy free downloadable planners:

free planner and calendar + more {2015}

and these are just a few I’ve found!  putting together my own Life Planner binder now!  Will write more soon!  I’ll share my journey of planning, goal setting and figuring out “what I want to be when I grow up” as soon as I have some structure and have learned some new “stuff.”  (giggles)

Until next time,



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LONG Overdue Development

Well, a new post is LONG overdue.  I’ve had lots of personal family issues to juggle.  I know.  C’est la vie.  And, it’s no excuse!  😉

Well, I’m here to tell you I HAVE been working in the background, even if it’s ever so slowly.  I’ve started to set up the domain to be self hosted instead of re-directed here to this blog on Blogger.  So, if you had trouble finding us, the actual URL of this blog is  And will remain so until I get the WordPress set up, designed and this blog migrated over to it’s new platform.

What all does this mean? …you may ask?  or perhaps you don’t care?  Well, I’m here to tell my story, no matter how slowly, of how I’m setting it all up, getting started, and going to make this work for some part time work at home for me.  So, stay tuned for instructions, referrals, references, and my own clever commentary along the way.

For now, I must sign off of writing so I can go set up the hosting and etc.  I will explain more in detail later.

Happy Thursday y’all!  One more day to the weekend!  And in our case, our household is preparing for the annual Daddy-Daughter Dance put on at the elementary school by our AWESOME (hear the angels singing in the background?) PTO!  Yes, it’s a PTO, not a PTA.  Again, I suppose more on that later too, LOL!  And, here I was worried I’d have difficulty finding plenty to write about.

Cyber Smooches!!

(by George I think I”ve just found my signoff!  see how the creativity or GOOFINESS can just flow from the tip top of my brain to the frozen tips of my fingers?)

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Finnegin begin again!

<img title="Metro-mama is a new mom blog by Stacy Lupcho, MetroSpunkyMom" src="http://1.bp.blogspot” alt=”Metro-mama is a new mom blog by Stacy Lupcho, MetroSpunkyMom” width=”640″ height=”424″ border=”0″ />


Well folks, it’s been waaaaaay too long since I posted on this blog, let alone took the time to think about it’s development.  So, here I go.  I’m going to start fresh, begin anew!  I LOVE new beginnings!  They feel like they are SO filled with hope that I can’t help myself but to let a little spark of excitement grow!!

So, recently I’ve started posting on Metro-Mama’s Facebook page, to open my mind to the possibilities of developing this blog into something special.  I’m not quite sure, yet, exactly what that “something special” is.  And, what’s funny, is I’m such a worry-wart, I’ve procrastinated, put off writing and development because I felt I needed to know what that “something special” is to have an end-goal.  I know logically there is no such thing as an “end-goal” in life because life is the journey.  I suppose it’s taken some time for me to accept that in my heart so I can have the strength and/or courage to “put the pen to paper.”  Ok, ok, so it’s a new age and it’s more accurate to say “put my fingers on the keyboard?”  That sounds goofy!  HAHAHA!

So, for those who are new to me and Metro-Mama, you’ll learn, I’m silly and love to laugh and crack myself up and make myself laugh!  AND, SQUIRREL… I have a limited attention span.  Not saying I’m ADD, because I’m not. I have the ability and proven skills in focus. However, where is the fun in that?  (giggles!!)  Type-A is definitely my type, but, I’ve trained myself to learn the pros of the Type-B ways…afterall, there are pros and cons to both, right?  Why not take a load off and do something unplanned, unorganized and without reason?!  So yes, occasionally, well truthfully more often than not, in the last few years, I’ve let myself explore the tangents I veer off onto. (and again, yah yah yah, bad grammar ending the sentence in the word onto).

Here’s to a new beginning with some interesting, fun and educational tangents!  (giggles)

Metro-mama is a new mom blog by Stacy Lupcho, MetroSpunkyMom


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Carpe Viem!


Ahh…Fall is FINALLY in the air here in Florida. And for me, that means I finally get to dig out my cold weather running gear. Alright, maybe not cold weather, but at least colder weather! And it also means crisp clear mornings that most runners live to run. Did I mention I’m a bit of a run-aholic too? Okay, it is probably not so much due to the actual rolling my butt out of bed at the crack of dawn to exercise as it is the endorphins and how my bum eventually looks in my jeans!

But this year I have a new running partner, and she is kicking said bum! It is not a new neighbor, or even a new puppy, but someone right under my own roof: my 13 year old daughter! Eldest yard monkey has played soccer for the past 5 years, but it has only been thisyear, as the competition and size of the field increased, that endurance training became a necessity. And up until this weekend, when cooler weather moved in, we have had no problem matching pace. But this weekend-holy cow! Either she is drastically improving (which I am sure is partially the case) or the cold weather is like an adrenalin shot to her young veins! Either way, my old bones have got to get moving or I am quickly going to be outpaced and in the market for another running buddy!

Now I am by no means a professional runner, but I do two marathons under my belt so I am not a complete novice either. And after years of running, I must admit-she has definitely been my best motivation and inspiration. 5:20am three days a week, my energetic little running buddy is at my bedside asking me if I am ready to run! Talk about accountability! If I slack off on a run, there she is, across the dinner table, with her knowing eyes. And I am literally not just hurting myself if I miss a run. Since I certainly will not allow her to run alone, especially at 5:30 in the morning, she too is missing out on her critical training sessions. So I guess it’s time to pick up my game and position myself as a true fitness role model. Maybe I’ll even sign up with her for her first 10 k….So Carpe Viem ladies, see you out there!


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